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Covid19 News Updated


West Elks Wellness if offering 30-45 minute acute covid visits virtually. Dr. Keller is not able to prescribe medications in the state of Colorado. If you are looking for an assessment of the recommended supplements from the FLCCC's website, she will go over them and tailor the supplement regimen to your unique needs.

Long Covid

If you are experiencing long covid, Dr. Keller is able to help get you feeling better. Covid is triggers (in some people) old infections that were never properly cleared from the body or bringing up a set of old symptoms like heartburn and fatigue that you used to have. This is an opportunity although you feel crumby, to heal from those old conditions and get even healthier than you were prior to covid.

Chronic Stress and the Immune System

There is a lot going on right now and focusing on all the uncertain things that aren't going right is causing your body to produce a hormone called cortisol. This is the fight or flight hormone that when exposed to chronically leads to a depressed immune system thereby increasing one's susceptibility to getting sick. If you would like to learn more schedule an appointment today. Read more about the immune system on my blog.

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