Reflux Relief Method
Heal from Chronic Heartburn 
Suffering from heartburn

In 12 short weeks go from daily chronic heartburn or GERD to lasting relief without some fad diet or gimmicky products.

I use a proven method called the Reflux Relief Method that works almost every time because they are customized to you, the individual. In order for this program to work, you must make lifestyle changes including the way you communicate with yourself. You are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. And remember if nothing changes, nothing changes.

I know this because I used to suffer from daily heartburn that controlled every aspect of my life. You miss out on some of the most nourishing moments of life because the burn is too much. It took me seven years to learn what I will teach you in this 12-week program.

You will learn how to heal your gut and listen to the messages your body is desperately trying to convey to you.

In this program, we will discuss not only the physical issues surrounding heartburn but also the mental and emotional toll it is taking on you and your loved ones.

Work with me 1-1:

  • Requires a 16-week commitment

  • Includes

  • First initial call 90 minutes

  • 2 calls per month or 8 calls total

  • Regular support between sessions through text/email messaging

  • Customized recommendations with professional grade supplements at 10% off

  • $900 worth of Lab work

  • $4200 if paid in full, $4979 in three payments of $1660

Self paced online program about 12 weeks long

  • Requires a 12 week commitment

  • Weekly group coaching

  • Access to private Facebook group

  • Includes a Complete Flare Guide

  • Money back guarantee

  • $1497 if paid in full, $1791 or three payments of $597

  • Purchase here

Are you ready to stop the burn, for good?

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