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Reflux Relief Method
Heal from Chronic Heartburn 

The Reflux Relief Method is Dr. Shayna's process of helping you finally say good bye to your reflux for good.


Here is some good news that may be frustrating to hear - the body doesn't know diagnosis codes and names of illnesses. It knows physiology, or how the body functions. When we get sick we develop adaptive physiological mechanisms to deal with the changes to our body's homeostasis.


Our body wants to be in balance or homeostasis. It does not like big ups and downs, swinging side to side. It craves balance.


My job is to help you understand this and hear your body's symptoms as messages that point to the root cause(s). That is the whole premise of the Reflux Relief Method, to get to the root cause, over turn it and begin rebuilding the foundations of your health.

While nutrition is very important, I have found that many have the 'right diet' for them figured out.


So then why are you still having reflux?


Likely because the organs of elimination, especially the liver, aren't functioning at the level they need in order to process the toxins in which you are being exposed. 

Why are you sick but your partner/husband/wife/friend/brother etc isn't?


Some of us humans get to be the canary in the coal mine for the rest of the species. Meaning we are more susceptible to heartburn/lpr/bile reflux whatever the diagnosis may be and our body goes way overboard.

In the RRM you're going to learn how to listen to your body, process your emotions (yes this is very important to solving chronic reflux for good), support your organs of elimination and regulate your nervous system.


The RRM combines a full body, whole systems approach rather than just diet or just medications or a bazillion supplements to help you feel better.

The ultimate goal is this - to get you so well you don't need your Tums or your marshmallow root capsules/powder. But that if you get a gastritis flare you know what you can eat and how to help your body heal itself without suppressing the symptoms.

If you're ready to stop avoiding every food you love because it's too acidic or worried about if this food or that food is going to trigger you, then the Reflux Relief Method is right for you!

Step 1: Schedule a free 15 minute discovery call here

Three Ways to Work with me in the Reflux Relief Method

  • 1: Self Paced Program

  • 2: Self Paced Program + 3 Visits over the course of 12 weeks

  • 3: Self Paced Program + 8 Visits over the course of 6 months


The tiered system is to allow for more variety in income levels to benefit from the Reflux Relief Method's content. If you are curious about the price, hop on a call with me here and let's chat!

Healing takes time, it's not linear and it can be hard at times especially if you start feeling better and then get worse (this is common)!

Not sure and want to try out some of my top shelf recommendations?

Here's the link to my free guide to help start healing from heartburn

Click here


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