Visit Types

Comprehensive Naturopathic Visits 90 minutes

  • Detailed whole person, approach to your healthcare plan

Focused Naturopathic Visit and Follow-ups 60 minutes

  • The usual length of follow up to review lab work in detail

  • Focused initial visit on one main problem rather than a whole person perspective

Focused Follow-ups 30 minutes

  • Best for folks that are familiar with naturopathic medicine and very savvy in the alternative medicine world

  • Best for people that just want the facts without the same detailed learning experience

Acute Illness Visits 15 minutes

  • For established clients/patients when they are sick and need an extra boost to support their bodies.

Add ons

  • Carroll Method of Food Evaluation

    • Determines food intolerances

    • I recommend this to most of my clients/patients

  • Constitutional Hydrotherapy

    • For in-person visits only

  • Craniosacral and Visceral Manipulation

    • For in-person visits only

  • Dermatoscope skin exams

    • For in-person visits only