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Preventative Healthcare with Holistic Medicine

Alternative medicine and naturopathic practices

"It was my lucky day that Dr. Shayna was available to see me when my pain was “10 plus” on the pain chart. It was because of her healing hands that understood immediately what was needing attention. This allowed me to relax and begin recovering. In two sessions we got the pain level down to zero. Dr. Shayna took the time and great care to learn about me and help me to resolve the health issues I was facing. She looks at the whole person with understanding and empathy. Her care was never rushed and she has a special talent for connecting with people."

Joan S., Elderly Female Social Activist

Natural Herbs

Herbal Remedies

Our botanical medicines are used to stimulate the bodies natural systems, boosting their strength so that they regain the optimal functions needed to achieve and maintain a healthy state of being. Each treatment is customized to the individual patient needs and is effective both short and long term.


We use hot and cold water treatments with light electrical stimulus through a sine wave device. This practice is proven to promote better functionality in the organs and nervous system. Helping to improve circulation, digestive function, improve the immune system while reducing pain and swelling.

Therapeutic Massage

Our Massage Therapy helps those suffering from chronic pain and tension through craniosacral manipulation. Through Visceral Manipulation we help ailments like cramps, poor digestion, abdominal pain and much more.

Nutritional Counseling

We help our patients achieve optimal nutrition so their body can be more readily adaptable. We work together to assess their current diet and educate them about the best dietary changes they can make to improve their well being. All while being supportive and motivating so our patients can feel empowered to make these changes.

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"My son developed pertussis when he was 15 months old. Dr. Shayna was a necessary addition to his round the clock care team to help him get well. She provided instructions on how to use the constitutional hydrotherapy machine on a baby and at home for twice daily treatments. Dr. Shayna made herself available for house calls to ensure my son got well. Her care helped me to feel confident that my child would recover fully."

Stacey C., Mother of Two

Apple Crates

Conditions Treated


LPR/Silent Reflux

Eosinophilia Esophagitis

Barrett’s Esophagus


H. pylori

Esophageal Strictures

Hiatal Hernias

Mast Cell Activation Syndrome


Gallbladder attacks stones

Fatty Liver

Type 2 Diabetes

Autoimmune Conditions

Gallbladder Attacks and Stones

Chronic Constipation



Stomach Ache

Do You Suffer From Chronic Hearburn?

Our Reflux Relief Method Can Help You Heal The Burn

"As a colleague and patient of Dr. Shayna - I have always been impressed with her deep knowledge of naturopathic medicine and her ability to connect with patients. She is open-minded, even with perspectives other than her own. She is curious and a critical thinker that goes above and beyond to provide care for her patients. For those seeking a fresh perspective and a teammate to walk with them on their healing journey, I highly recommend Dr. Shayna and the medicine she has to offer."

Jane L., ND

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